Fuck it

I'm done with this game (specifically waifu simulator 2, the game I've been working on for half a year). Yes waifu simulator is by far my most successful game (I've made like 3) but overall its a bad idea and only got downloads from horny weebs thinking it would actually be a good game. the new game has potential, but it shouldn't be made yet. not at my experience level. I need to work on something that doesn't depend on premade assets and copyrighted characters, and that's exactly what this is. so I am done. Maybe I'll pick it back up in the future, but for the foreseeable future, consider it cancelled. I feel like me working on such a horrible, bad idea, no direction project is holding me back and I'm done. I've felt like this since the first game too but like Icarus, I just kept flying closer and closer to the sun and now I'm burned out.

see ya!

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he's leaving just like my father