Bad news

I started working on waifu simulator again, I broke something, and I can't fix it. in other words, waifu simulator is done receiving updates forever.

In other news, a new game similar to waifu simulator but much better will be coming eventually. stay tuned!

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Hey there. What was it that broke? I’m just curious. I remember taking a look at this when it was version 3.5, I think. Weren’t you using the MocuMocuDance engine? Were you modifiying its source? If so could you not just roll the changes back to an earlier point? Perhaps its not unfixable? Again, just a rabbit being curious.

I believe you have me confused for another developer of a game called Waifu Sex Simulator, this is a completely different game that probably definitely needs a less generic name (working on that for the next game)

anyway in case you're still curious I was experimenting with adding multiplayer to the game and i've never used code before, always stuck to unreal engine blueprints. anyway there was an error in the code of something i'd never even touched before after I had deleted some temporary files and I tried fixing it for an hour before deciding to ditch the game and make a completely new one. I'm going to assume you've never played this game (Waifu Simulator by me, TheSlyWeeb) so you should definitely check it out. Really this game was pretty much just a whole learning experience for something greater, because I started it having only ever made one other game before it and I still had much to learn.